5 Easy Swaps To Reduce Your Plastic Waste.

We are all becoming aware of how damaging single use plastic is and what impact it is having on our environment especially our oceans, I've put together a list of 5 easy swaps of everyday items to help reduce plastic waste without too much hassle!

1. Sauces and condiments.

We all love to dip our chips in something wether it be ketchup, bbq or sweet chilli sauce. The next time you head out shopping to stock up on sauces simply opt for sauces in glass bottles or jars rather than plastic ones. Glass is easily recyclable and reusable. When they are empty you could use the bottles as vases or the jars to grow herbs or store dry foods like rice and pasta.



Dentists recommend that we replace our toothbrush every 3 months, traditionally toothbrushes are made of plastic which go straight into landfill. I have found a great alternative from Truthbrush who make bamboo toothbrushes with plant based bristles which are biodegradable. They even send them to you in plastic free packaging. So when you are due a new tooth brush give this amazing alternative a go.


3. Shower Gel.

Being a plastic free cosmetics company I had to put in our best selling product which is our Shower Whips. You use them just like a shower gel or you can even use them as bubble bath. They are in aluminium tins which is one of the easiest recyclable materials and have biodegradable labels and they are sent to you in totally plastic free packaging. A much better alternative than the traditional plastic bottles.


 4. Fruit and Vegetables.

When you do your next food shop choose loose fruit and vegetables, supermarkets are slowly becoming much better for this, or better yet go to your local green grocer. I promise you it tastes so much better!



5. Sanitary Pads.

When it comes to that time of the month we all want to be comfortable and using these reusable sanitary pads will certainly provide that! They are so soft and come in 2 different sizes. Traditional disposable sanitary products are full of plastic and chemicals which is not good for us or the environment. There are so many better alternatives now, Plastic Freedom have a great selection on their website. Once you have run out of what you have already give these a try, you won't regret it!


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Hannah x

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