Here’s why pressed bath bombs aren’t as plastic free as you think.

We often get asked why we don’t do the traditional pressed Bath bombs. Incase you have been living under a rock a pressed bath bomb comes in different shapes, sizes colours and smells and everyone loves them! You throw them in the bath, they fizz, foam and can make your bath look amazing.

 So, back to why we don’t press our bath bomb dust into bombs, the main reason is because it requires PLASTIC, a lot of it. All of the different shapes, sizes and patterns require plastic moulds. As the moulds are used many times to press bath bombs they start to wear and don’t create the shape as well as they used to. They are then discarded and new ones are made and used until they wear away and it starts all over again.

 Every time a company brings out a new product in a different shape it requires more new moulds, made from plastic. Every time a product is discontinued those moulds may not be used again. Are you beginning to see the problem?

Although you as a customer do not see or receive any plastic in the product you have brought, plastic has been used and at some point discarded in the manufacturing process.

 So that is the reason, as a company trying to be as good to the planet as possible we had to think of a better way to do bath bombs without the plastic in the manufacturing or the packaging without sacrificing the experience when you use it.

 Our Bath bomb dust is simply a loose bath bomb that hasn’t been pressed into a mould. It is in a biodegradable pouch with a biodegradable label which you can throw away into your compost bin when you have finished with the product. Pour as much or as little as you like of the bath bomb dust into the bath and watch it fizz, foam, smell incredible and look super awesome.


Check out our plastic free bath bomb dusts here.

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